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New Project!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2012, 11:34 PM

Hey y'all! I know it's been a while since I've made a journal and stuff, but I'm back! AndI'm herewith some good news!

I've started an experimental MLP fanfic project with :iconericac78: and :iconasinglemind:.  Each of us is going to write a chapter of a fanfic, starting with me. After I'm done writing my chapter, either :iconericac78: or :iconasinglemind: will write the second chapter, with whoever hasn't written yet doing the third chapter. We'll continue like this for as long as we can, writing a new chapter hopefully every week. I'm not entirely sure whether it will be posted on DeviantArt, but we do intend to create a new FiMFiction account to upload it to. Hopefully this project ends up successful.

If anyone is interested in joining this project, please note either :iconkwiss-tafurr:, :iconericac78: or :iconasinglemind: with something you've written, to show us how you write.

rules for the fic itself are as follows:

1. One author starts off by writing a chapter, following a prompt decided upon by the other members of the group.

2. They have a week to write a chapter, with a minimum of 3000 words and no maximum.

3. When the week ends, the next author picks up from the end of the first author's chapter with a new chapter. They have the same restrictions; at least 3000 words in a week.

4. This continues with the next author in the queue, and so on. This ends when the authors feel that the story has come to a natural ending, or when none want to continue writing.

5. No extreme gore. Blood is okay, but nothing too heavy.

6. No explicit clop. Implied sexual content is fine in moderation.

7. Once someone establishes a pairing, that pairing stays like that unless the author consents to changing it.

8. Death is okay, but a majority of authors must agree on it.

9. Only use races that exist in the show, or races that a majority of authors agree would make sense to have. NO HUMANS.

10. Keep canon characters in character.

11. Background ponies, or other characters without show-established personalities, have the same personalities and traits as they do when first introduced into the story.

12. OCs are only allowed in background and minor roles. Fellow patron in a bar? Fine. Saviour of Equestria? Not fine.

13. Swearing shouldn't be overused. Authors should strive to make dialogue realistic. Use of profanity in a particularly dramatic scene to add to the feeling is permitted.

14. No sudden changes in setting. If someone's chapter ends with the mane cast in Ponyville, and your chapter begins with them in Canterlot, without explanation or sufficient motivation, then fix it.

15. No overused lines or memes from the show.

16.No Crossovers.

Now, these are only rules to follow once someone is accepted, and should really only be seen as a guideline for applying.

I look forward to hearing from people!

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